Dentures Direct

  • We Specialise in making dentures
  • New or Replacement
  • No long waits between appointments
  • We see you through the whole process
  • Free consultation
  • Radius of 30 miles


  • Use the finest teeth
  • Individually hand crafted dentures
  • Latest technologies
  • We are Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs) registered with the General Dental Council

From Start to Finish

Your dentures are bespoke manufactured to your exacting specifications in our laboratory in Malvern-Link

We see you through the whole process from initial consultation through to the final fitting stage and any aftercare appointments if required.

We really care about the way your dentures function, look and feel to you.

Kevin is currently one of only approximately 80 Clinical Dental Technicians in the UK registered with The General Dental Council.

The problems and difficulties associated with making and fitting new dentures can be minimised as the patient is able to communicate with the person who not only fits them but also manufactures the dentures so reducing the possibility of any misunderstandings. For this reason your dentures are taylor made to your individual circumstances and needs.

To get natural looking dentures that look like natural teeth that reflect an individuals character as well as looks it is vital for the patient to be assessed for size, shape, smile, personality, gender, skin tone, even hair and eye colour, only then can we start to produce bespoke dentures that are tailor made for that individual person.